BLO AIR-GT Car Dryer

Why We Love The BLO AIR-GT Car Dryer


If you’re a car enthusiast, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle looking its best. A thorough wash is only half the battle – drying it properly is equally important. That’s where the BLO AIR-GT Car Dryer comes in – this powerful tool is a game-changer when it comes to drying your car quickly and effectively.

Blo Car Dryer AIR-GT

Here are just a few reasons why we love the BLO AIR-GT:

Twin Motors: With two powerful motors working together, the BLO AIR-GT packs a serious punch. It offers an impressive 8 horsepower and can blast air at a rate of 64,000 FPM. That means it can dry your car in no time, leaving behind a perfectly dry, touch-less finish.

Super Long Hose: The AIR-GT comes with a hose that measures over 26 feet long, giving you plenty of reach to dry even the largest of vehicles. Whether you’re drying a car, truck, or boat, this hose has got you covered.

Variable Air Speed Control: While the BLO AIR-GT is powerful, it’s also versatile. With variable air speed control, you can adjust the power to suit your needs. Turn it up to blast away water droplets on a large surface, or turn it down to gently dry more delicate areas.

Blo Car Dryer AIR-GT

Warm Filtered Air: Not only does the BLO AIR-GT blow air at an impressive rate, but it also filters and warms it. The filtered air ensures that no debris or dirt is blown onto your car, while the warm air speeds up the drying process. In fact, the AIR-GT heats the air up to 30 degrees above ambient air temperature, providing the ideal drying conditions.

Swivelling Wheelbase: The AIR-GT is a bit bigger and heavier than some other car dryers, but it’s also more powerful. To make it easy to move around, it comes with a swivelling wheelbase that allows you to pull it around your garage or workshop with ease. And if you need it to stay put, the wheels can be locked in place.

Warranty: The BLO AIR-GT comes with a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you’re getting a quality product.

Overall, the BLO AIR-GT is an impressive piece of kit that makes drying your car fast, easy, and effective. With its twin motors, super-long hose, variable air speed control, warm filtered air, swivelling wheelbase, and warranty, it’s no wonder why so many car enthusiasts love this powerful car dryer.

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