Gyeon Essentials Detailing Bundle

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Gyeon Essentials Detailing Bundle

Introducing the Gyeon Essentials Detailing Bundle from Detailers Draw – the perfect cleaning kit for car enthusiasts who demand the best for their beloved vehicles. This bundle includes a range of top-quality Gyeon cleaning products that are sure to leave your car looking spotless.

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Introducing the Gyeon Essentials Detailing Bundle from Detailers Draw – the perfect cleaning kit for car enthusiasts who demand the best for their beloved vehicles. This bundle includes a range of top-quality Gyeon cleaning products that are sure to leave your car looking spotless.

Gyeon Q2M Bathe Essence (400ml)

Q²M Bathe Essence is the pure essence of shampoo. With an amazing concentration of 1:2000, only 5ml of product is enough for a ready-to-use dilution! Even a single 400ml bottle is enough for 80 washes. Impressive cleaning power and the ability to remove dirt, grime, and light organic contamination are combined with fantastic slickness and high foam.

The Q²M WetCoat formula has been specially designed to secure the best possible hydrophobic effect. No matter whether your car has no coating at all or if it has a quartz coating, which was not refreshed for a long time – this product will deliver high-quality results in a very short time.

Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat (500ml)

Q²M WetCoat is a revolutionary spray sealant that offers instant durable protection in minutes – simply spray on and rinse off. The real advantage is the huge hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is delivered immediately, together with an intense gloss and shine to painted surfaces.

For a product with such ease of application, which does not even require a simple wipe off, Q²M WetCoat remains surprisingly durable, keeping its full hydrophobic effect for even up to 12 weeks/12 pH-neutral washes, which outshines many natural waxes or spray sealants.

A major benefit of Q²M WetCoat is its versatile character, allowing usage on almost every exterior surface of your vehicle. It will add great self-cleaning properties to not only the paintwork but also to plastic or metal trims, rims or windows.

We are offering you a highly concentrated and ready-to-use formula, which does not require diluting or mixing with anything. The product comes in a handy bottle with a sprayer, so the only thing you need to do is wash your car, spray it on, and rinse it with a pressure washer.

Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer (500ml)

Q²M CeramicDetailer is the perfect maintenance product for ceramic-coated cars matching the best of two worlds – spray sealants and regular quick detailers. This is also where its name originates.

Q²M CeramicDetailer does not differ from our famous Q²M QuickDetailer when it comes to ease of use. It may be used both on dry and wet paint, where it unfolds its potential as a drying aid. It can be used on every exterior surface both coated or not.

Gyeon Q2M Interior Detailer (500ml)

Q²M InteriorDetailer has an alcohol-based formula (60%), which removes the majority of organic contaminants from any surface.

Q²M InteriorDetailer does not replace Q²M VinylCleaner or Q²M LeatherCleaner but compliments them.

Q²M InteriorDetailer is the ideal interior maintenance product, to remove light grime, and contaminants and leave a fresh and purified interior feel. It’s safe on leather, plastic, Alcantara, textiles, glass, and all types of interior trim. It will leave a matte and not sticky finish.

Gyeon Q²M Glass (500ml)

Gyeon Q²M Glass is the ultimate formula for fast, effortless, and effective cleaning of all automotive glass surfaces. It removes oily residue and instantly leaves a smudge-free finish.

Removes dirt, oily residue, and even light contamination while not affecting previously applied rain repellents. A gentle aroma boosts the superb qualities of the product.

  • Q²M Glass Cleaner will not affect your hydrophobic rain repellent.
  • Spray onto a short pile microfiber cloth and clean the surface.
  • Give the surface a quick wipe with a dry part of the towel.
  • Do not work in full sunlight. Do not spray directly on hot glass.

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